A discussion on the planning and management of a project

The project manager will have very little authority to make decisions and must focus on building strong upward relationships. In this context, a project plan is undertaken in the following discussion regarding modifications in a patient imaging wand. It lists all of the tasks and resources that will be part of the project, and only the tasks and resources that are part of that project.

The WBS is a hierarchical, visual representation of all of the tasks and milestones involved in a project. These groups are divided into nine knowledge areas that can be further divided into 39 process areas. They are privately-owned and are financially stable.

It is important to be concise and clear in constructing this document. Solution Summary The response addresses the queries posted in words with references. This article will take you through the basics. Like project charters, project scopes are best when they are clear and concise.

It needs to be redone. People report to both a functional manager and a project manager. They have project tasks as well as ongoing operational activities. The project will require a cross-departmental team: It is important to identify early on because communication and risk plans must be constructed.

In functional organizations, where there is a strong departmental decision-making structure, the project manager may not be able to go directly to the decision-maker.


By knowing who the project stakeholders are, you can customize your plan to suit their needs. Instead, the project manager may need to walk the organization chart so peers are discussing and deciding upon scope, issues, and resources.

You are from the Product Development department, from the Software team. Organizational systems There are three main types of organizational systems: Overtime is the biggest problem that can arrise from human resources.

Discussion about Project Management

During the project planning phase, risk must be analysed and a plan must be constructed to deal with risks in the event that they become actualized. There is considerable variability in this organizational style. Please use this information to help create your discussion.

In projectized organizations, the project manager will have much stronger authority for decision-making, and will be more likely to be able to go directly to the decision-maker. A matrixed organization is a blend of the other two styles. The stakeholder is anyone who holds an interest or influence over the project.

The type of organizational system in place will affect how the project manager functions. Decisions may take longer to be reached in this type of structure.

The Basics of Project Planning Concepts written by: Project Team You have been named the project manager. It allows for project managers to craft accurate estimates. Human resources generally require more planning - they have to be allocated to tasks, and they require scheduling to keep the project within cost.

It follows the knowledge areas of project management focusing on the needs of the stakeholders. The company is approximately people total, and has been in existence for just over five years.

Cantoria has written a thorough serieson stakeholder analysesworth checking out. In projectized organizations, people belong to project teams and report directly to the project manager.

Things to keep in mind when creating a project schedule include: Project Background New government regulations have just been issued regarding patient safety. People are assigned to projects generally on a part-time basis, but they do not formally report to the project manager in any way.

By creating a reliable and accurate schedule, project managers can ensure project success. This will help in justifying the scope of the project and its viability.The Basics of Project Planning Introduction Project Risk Management A project planning enables project manager to translate project requirement into Work breakdown structure (WBS), tasks list, Gantt charts, resource assignment and risk register, etc.

discussion, you may agree to following options: 2. Delivery Schedule Planning. Planning is key to project management success We’ve all heard the old adage ‘measure twice, cut once.’ While it might be a cliché, in the project management world it takes on a critical. The output of the project planning process is a project management plan.

Get a free TeamGantt project plan Easily plan, communicate, and stay within your project budget. //A project plan, according to the project management body of knowledge, is a formal document which guides the execution and controlling of a project. In this context, a project plan is undertaken in the following discussion regarding modifications in.

Get a quicker response; before you post, why not search to see if it has already been answered. Project participation occurs at two levels.

Project Management Issues Discussion

There are those that are involved in the ‘planning’ process and those that are involved in the ‘doing’ process. The tricky part about project planning is making sure you have the right people involved on .

A discussion on the planning and management of a project
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