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The research results show that the melting properties of slag are improved with the reduce of SiO2 content and the increase of Al2O3 content in slag, in favor of making high basicity slag in the early stages of BOF steelmaking.

The mechanism of SiO2 and Al2O3 contents of converter slag impact on metallurgical properties would be further discussed. This paper aims at finding a way to increase the rate of Mn yield in Mn ore smelting reduction process based on double slag operation in BOF. Also, the change of the lance height from mm to mm caused an increase in the residual manganese from 0.

It is of great significance to the CO2 emissions reduction and solid waste disposal in the ironmaking and steelmaking plant.

El Hady, Amer E. The facilities and regimes of ton converter at the Long-steel had been modified. Using ladle slag, ferrovanadium smelting slag as well as metallurgical auxiliary materials as raw materials, the converter slag with SiO2 content of These results are believed to be reflected on the total energy consumption and ferromanganese additions needed for producing specific grades.

A promising option for long-term storage of CO2 is to fix CO2 by industrial solid wastes, such as basic oxygen furnace BOF steelmaking slag. A number of factors considered important in controlling the properties of steel products and affecting the residual manganese in the basic Oxygen furnace BOF have been investigated by changing some industrial parameters, aiming at optimizing the residual manganese in BOF.

However, both dephosphorization and desulfurization of slag exhibit downward trend. Based on the application of slag splashing for building up a protective coating layer on the refractory lining, a technique for comprehensive maintenance of converter refractory linings has been developed in this paper.

The effect of slag properties, slag amount, tapping temperature, and lance height on the splashing was investigated by physical model experiments. The results above were proved to be valid in industrial scale experiment in general steelmaking factory of WISCO.

It was found that residual manganese increased from 0. At the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company, attention is constantly focused on improving basic steel making practice with the aim of improvement of blowing regime and the addition of forming slag materials system.

The thermodynamics of the process was analyzed and the experiments including slag-steel reaction in lab and steelmaking simulation in pilot plant were carried out. The studied factors were manganese oxide in the slag, iron oxide in the slag, tapping temperature, Slag basicity, Lance height, blowing time, and carbon content.

In this paper, the leaching process, impurities removing and carbonation of steelmaking plant waste slag were studied at ambient pressure.

It is advantage to use BOF steelmaking slag to fix CO2, such as large volume of BOF steelmaking slag, low price of raw materials, close to the CO2 emission sources, and no secondary pollution.Geochemistry of Shales of Barail group Occurring in and around Mandardisa, North Cachar Hills, Assam; includes SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, Na2O, K2O, Cao, MgO, TiO2, MnO and P2O5.

These XRFS Chemical analysis data of. glasses in the CaO-MgO-ALSiO2 system R.

C. DE VEKEY AND A. J. MAJUMDAR SUMMARY. also provided much useful data on the physical properties of cordierite. I I wt % TiO2), progressive heat-treatment produces the following results: there is an. Read "Multicomponent diffusion in silicate melts: SiO2–TiO2–Al2O3–MgO–CaO–Na2O–K2O System, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

The Dissolution of Alumina in CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 Slags Brian J. Monaghan University of Wollongong, [email protected] scaling the data for a change in geometry but may also be The dissolution of alumina inclusions in CaO-SiO 2-Al 2O.

Data of Geochemistry MICHAEL FLEISCHER, Technical Editor Chapter L. Phase-Equilibrium Relations of the Common Rock-Forming Oxides Except Water. In this work, the structure and thermal properties of aluminosilicate fritted glazes in SiO2–Al2O3–CaO–MgO–Na2O–K2O–ZnO system with ( mol%) and without addition of ZnO were examined by GIXRD.

Al2o3 cao data k2o mgo na2o sio2 thesis tio2
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