An analysis of the theme of prejudice in the west side story by arthur laurents

When a sometime member of the former, Tony Beymerand a sister of the leader of the latter, Maria Woodfall in love, the pressure builds to a crisis. Cora and her cronies are dismissing the miracles of Jesus as minor accomplishments beside their own.

This will cause the town to turn against Hapgood and keep the Cookies from ruining their fake miracle and exposing Cora and the council as crooks and fakes.

The greatest indictment of politics is that Hapgood, a mental patient, was once an advisor to the President. Bernardo, enraged that Tony has been making advances on his sister, pushes him back furiously. Later that evening, Tony and Maria sing a sweet duet and fall into a secret and forbidden relationship.

This is the first song in the show that is not pastiche. As with the other emotional songs in the score, there is only minimal rhyme and none of the witty puns and internal rhymes the other songs have.

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He meets Maria, but their reunion is brief; Chino shoots Tony dead. And magically, Sondheim and Laurents have tied together all the various targets of satire throughout the whole show. There were little prejudices passed around in West Side Story. Riff was very anxious to control the spreading volume of the Sharks since it was a tendency that the Sharks might dominate the streets of New York, should the latter multiply its members.

The two groups declared truce in the process. Tony hears the sad news and refuses to believe it. Furthermore several characters in the west side story have their counterpart or equivalent characters that portrayed similar roles in Romeo and Juliet and these are the following: Why do you kill?

When Maria first set her eyes with Tony, she fall right then and there madly in love with Tony and vice versa; these first encounter of Maria and Tony happened during the dance showdown between the Jest and the Sharks.

The tension filled climate and the racism occurring in the film is representative of what was happening at that time in the United States.

For instance, both artistic forms portray mutual disrespect between the parties. This show is an incredibly complex. Prejudice was the theme of this story, there are many examples.

In the form of musicale of songs and dances, the message of the film was carried out through the innovative and creative performances of the carefully-selected artists of the film Zoglin He persuaded the rest of his Jets members to perceive that their gang is the most strenuous, invincible, and superior team and that they deserve the right to everything especially in the streets of the Upper West side New York.

Anyone Can Whistle creates a strange relationship between the observers and the observed. First instance was when a fruit held by one of the Sharks the name of the Latin adolescent Americans —it was abruptly grabbed by another member of the Jets without consent and respect to the quiet Latino.

These unexpected casting choices contribute to the uniqueness of West Side Story as a film musical.

West Side Story Compared to Romeo and Juliet

How many [bullets do you have left] and still have one bullet left for me? At first, Tony was hesitant to give in to the request. Maria then tells Tony to stop the rumble between the two gangs. Hapgood breaks everyone up into two groups, Group A and Group One, but he refuses to say which group is sane and which is insane.

Because this is more a song of philosophy than of deep emotion, the lyric is clever and full of rhyme. Emerging in late s and early s, the streets of Manhattan had become a place where there is no peace and order due to the frequent gang wars that occur between the two distinct races of the Whites and the Puerto Rican adolescents.

The final distinction of West Side Story as a film musical is the fact that it won more Academy Awards than any other film musical Wikipedia. In addition, the West side story achieved further recognitions, awards, and nominations were the result of the cooperation of the cast and those working staff behind the scenes.

And so the gang wars between the two different races began war existed between the Latin and White Americans in Manhattan, New York. The lyric contains very little rhyme.

West Side Story by Arthur Laurents

Suddenly, Chino appeared in the scene and shoot Tony. From a challenge to a dance night out with the Sharks, the Jets just would not stop pissing the Sharks and driving their rivals away so that the Sharks would not be a threat to their desire of keeping their authority and ownership of the streets of New York west side.

This change brought to musicals by Arthur Freed grounded them in reality and made the musical devices employed by West Side Story and other musicals more meaningful and effective in the telling of their narrative.

He is our hero, the only one who can cut through all the crap, who can see how absurd it all is. The movie poses the problems of the adolescents in engaging in criminal chain and gang wars which obstructs the peace and order in the community of Upper West side New York. At a time when even the good musicals look a little or a lot like something out of a recent season, it is exciting to encounter one so spectacularly original.Apr 06,  · Maria (West Side Story song) West Side Story is a musical with a book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and conception and choreography by Jerome Robbins.

West Side Story Movie Review Summary

Analysis Phillip Brophy analysis the song's context within the musical: This number extends the playing-out of social.

When he arrives, the lovers plan to escape to a place where they can be free of prejudice. The sorrowing Anita (Bernardo's girlfriend) knocks at Maria's door, and Tony leaves to hide at Doc's drugstore.

Music by Leonard Bernstein, Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by Arthur Laurents – Based on the play ―Romeo And Juliet‖ by William Shakespeare Directed by - Joey Landwehr control of the neighborhood somewhere in the West Side of New York City amidst the police (Prologue).

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West Side Story – Jerome Robbins Directing a scene. Essay on Prejudices in "The West Side Story" by Arthur Laurents - The book West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents is set in the mid ’s, created as modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

West Side Story is a romantic tragedy about two characters that are supposedly completely different and aren’t accepted when they fall. West Side Story (Musical, Original) opened in New York City Sep 26, and played through Jun 27, Jan 04,  · DISCLAIMER: West Side Story - Oscar Best Picture.

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An analysis of the theme of prejudice in the west side story by arthur laurents
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