Award winning copywriting ads

If so, this copywriting trick which will work like a treat. Copy was written by me; designed beautifully by ZOO Digital. Here in Ireland, the home-grown talent of local copywriters are here for you.

You need to constantly hone your craft. Copywriting is a competitive business.

KFC If you want to see a pretty damn clever example of how to respond to a potentially catastrophic crisis…this is the one for you.

Known for their German reliability not fancy convertiblesVolkswagen indulge in a little bit of harmless sarcasm for the release of their Up!

Whether you need a translation, punchy article, or branding. Now pause for a second and think about your own copy. And the greatest thing about reading their copy, is that it genuinely feels like an old Southern gent from Tennessee is sitting down and talking directly to you.

If you need a native English-speaking freelancer to spice up your copy and attract bigger audiences, our pool of freelancers based in Ireland can help. Seek inspiration, search for killer copywriting examples and read as much new material as you can. Trim the fat and serve only the meat. One of my all-time favourite brands, whose brilliantly-crafted copy never fails to conjure up potent images of the Deep South and its rustic, homely vibe.

Who remembers the Balboa training montage in Rocky 1? See all available freelancers I believe the best work comes from finding the truth about your brand or product and then telling that story in as engaging a way as possible. Likewise, most grown ups love to chat about their dream car.

It can make the difference between selling out or fading out.

Award-Winning Examples of Writing For Advertising

Their copy is always brimming with personality. Covering any platform, language and location, your brand will get VIP treatment every time. InRicola launched a series of outdoor adverts that features scenarios where coughing would be inappropriate and most likely end in disaster for the coughee.

Campaign with Owens DDB.


The Economist Another cleverly thought out sample of copy here. So while slightly obnoxious it really does an excellent job of selling The Economist to anyone who considers themselves smart like me. Resale Value The task here was to convey the excellent resale value of VWs with a little VW smile, but without any budget to shoot; luckily I had a neat little idea.

The site looks great and reflects the grandeur of the whiskeys. Aimed at loose food providers who were too loose with their attitudes.

We know that copy from locally-based copywriters is the smart way to answering any brief.

7 Pencil-Winning Pieces of Copywriting That Elevated Design

Picked for their experience and talent, we can always match the best writer to any project. But if you believe that honesty is always the best policy, then Volkswagen use this to their advantage with this fun-poking advert.

Truthfully, pretty much nothing. And the brand will stick to your mind like gum to a shoe. It could even be Jack Daniels himself.

And YOU get first dibs. The unexpected swerve in the middle where they stop mid-sentence is genius. And would this be an appropriate style for your specific target market? Can you cut down any of the sentences to make them pack a more powerful punch? Except…we can learn a thing or two from his determination and use it to inspire our own.

And who like to reward ourselves with a greasy treat after a tiresome work out, instead of lettuce and a protein shake. The message is powerful. Our clever copywriters are selected to slot in with our eclectic, international portfolio of clients.“Nobody reads ads.

People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage. To acknowledge this famous quote by The Socrates of San Francisco, we’ve compiled a list of exceptional ads that seek your interest with their witty headlines and copy.

2 Acknowledgments: (i)The cover is a print advertisement of pidilite for fevicol and adhesive. (ii) Ads on page 8 and 10 are from the project of the Digital.

Awards/Recognition: This spot was named one of the best tv ads of the decade by Advertising Age and ranked #4 on CBS' list of greatest super bowl ads of all time. Nate K. is an award-winning Creative Director, Designer, Copywriter, & Business Strategist based in the Tennessee Valley.

In celebration of the copywriter's craft, we've uncovered seven Pencil-winning pieces of work that show the powerful influence words can have when design and language work in harmony.

Jul 16,  · Sleeping Giants was founded by Matt Rivitz, an award-winning ad copywriter based in San Francisco, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has found. Matt Rivitz Screenshot/Twitter.


Following this article’s publication, Rivitz confirmed that he founded Sleeping Giants.

Award winning copywriting ads
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