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Greek coffee is a strong brew, thicker and richer than filtered coffee. The burner is set to a moderate heat, if the heat is too high the coffee will come to a boil too quickly and there will not be enough time to extract the flavor from the coffee beans.

Also, remember that the amount of caffeine per cup can vary greatly depending on the type of beans that are used and the strength of the brew.

Research has shown that a cup of coffee naturally comes with antioxidants which are good for your body. Thanks to businesses such as Strarbucks, and products like Instant Coffee and K Cups, we live in a culture where we have quick and easy access to coffee.

I did Coffee speech actually make Greek coffee during my demonstration, but I pantomimed the process using a pot, spoon and coffee cup.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Caffeine, which comes from the leaves, seeds and fruits of about 63 different plants, is well known Coffee speech a stimulant.

When I am making filtered coffee I can just turn the machine on then go do something else while I wait for my coffee to finish. I start by pouring cold water into a coffee cup. I do not stir the coffee after it is put on the burner, doing so would dissolve the foam.

But when Coffee speech Greek coffee I have to keep an eye on the pot. They say that having up to 3 eight ounce cups of coffee a day - or mg of caffeine - is considered quote "average or moderate".

When larger amounts of caffeine over mg per day are ingested over long periods of time, they can cause sleep problems, depression and digestion issues. I remove the pot from the heat when the coffee starts to come to a boil.

Greek coffee should be consumed slowly because it is served at a high temperature. Caffeine is pervasive in our society these days and every few months we hear about how a study has shown that it is bad for us or good for us.

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After I put the water in the briki I add the coffee grounds to the water. A cup before a test can also sharpen memory and keep you concentrated.

As you can see, caffeine can have both positive and negative effects on our health and well-being. But how many people even consider that there may be alternatives? This inspired me to do some research on the subject, which made it the perfect topic on which to base my sample speech.

According to a Medline article on the National Institutes of Health website, having caffeine in your diet is not of any benefit to your health, but by the same token moderate consumption is not considered harmful.

I drink a lot of coffee, so I was wondering how that might affect my health. How about caffeinated sodas? There are lots more free sample of speeches here, so make sure you check those out too!

Coffee contains antioxidants and can contribute to preventing illnesses. It was for project three of the Speaking to Inform manual, which is the demonstration speech. Although most of the time I prefer to have my coffee prepared as quick as possible, there are also times that I like to slow down and enjoy the process.

The best way to get a start on your day is with a fresh, hot cup of coffee. Studies have shown that those who were exposed to coffee aromas experienced release in proteins that are tied to stress.

Who here is a coffee drinker? Maybe they drink instant coffee; maybe they have their coffee machine set up so that their coffee is ready right away in the morning; or maybe they use the drive through at a local coffee shop. There are a few variations to preparing Greek coffee but I will discuss the one that I find to be the easiest.

So, the next time you are wondering whether or not you should have that second cup of coffee to perk you up, relax. One goal when preparing Greek coffee is getting the thickest foam possible.

Greek coffee is traditionally prepared in a pot called a briki bree kee. I hope you enjoy it and can use it as an example for writing your own informative speech. Today, David will be presenting a speech for Project 3 of the Speaking to Inform manual: Use the buttons on the right to like this post or share it.

I can just eyeball how much I will need. Or leave a reply below. I stir the coffee and the desired amount of sugar until all of the coffee sinks and the sugar is dissolved.Whitley Edwards Professor Fox Speech 18 Feb.

Informative Speech-Caffeine Outline Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about what caffeine is, the effects of it, and the withdrawal symptoms. large doses of coffee can also make you hallucinate and probably kill you. Voltaire was said to have drank 50 cups of coffee each day.

the first webcam was created at University of Cambridge to see if the coffee pot was full or not. Is it coffee? Is it a Red Bull? III.

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Why do these types of drinks help us keep our eyes open long enough to get through that last chapter on combustion reactions? IV. The answer is caffeine. We will write a custom essay sample on Informative Speech Caffeine specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now V. As college students, most. Mar 27,  · This video is an informative speech about coffee for COM at Grand Canyon University. Coffee stimulates your senses from the caffeine content which further stimulates mind and supports mental alertness and concentration.

Coffee contains antioxidants and can contribute to preventing illnesses. And Last, Coffee can help with promoting longevity and healthy functions of your body. Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages.

Some claim it is the most widely consumed liquid in the world aside from water. Coffee is more than a beverage, however.

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It is a memory, an anticipation, a lifetime of consoling moments of modest pleasure woven into our lives. Coffee’s success.

Coffee speech
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