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This increases revenue but also improves the brand recognition and reputation. Colgate Palmolive is also capitalizing on internet marketing through Facebook and YouTube advertisements. Colgate also bundles its toothpastes with toothbrushes to make the offers look attractive to consumers.

Colgate Palmolive products occupy a huge shelf space and positioned as such to attract maximum consumer attention. Coupons can be found online via Colgate 4ps Crest and Oral-B e-newsletter. The stick carrying the ice-cream and cotton candy carries a hidden message. Colgate Palmolive is committed towards not only its consumers, employees, shareholders but also towards protecting environment and enhancing the communities.

It Colgate 4ps provides specialty products that aims at solving various oral problems of consumers, for example Colgate pain out which gives relief from acute pain.

Colgate Palmolive target all sections of society by providing products at all price ranges. Colgate charges premium price for its specialty products as it is targeted at a niche category.

It is well-distributed through the supply chain of company distributors to whole sealers to retailers to final consumers. Personal care products of Colgate Palmolive are marketed under brand Palmolive. The main products under the brand are shower gel, Liquid hand wash, Haircare and Bar soap.

Also the products are available in various SKUs so that it can cater to a broader base. Hence this completes the Colgate Palmolive marketing mix. Thus, Colgate Palmolive covers an entire portfolio of oral and personal care as a part of its marketing mix. Colgate Palmolive reaches consumers through numerous medical stores, cooperative stores as well as dentists.

The main ingredients of the toothpastes are fluoride and calcium that helps in scrubbing the plaque, removing food stains and making teeth stronger. Colgate not only has toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes but also toothpowders and kids products aimed mainly at rural population and special product for kids respectively.

Colgate toothpaste is physically located in the oral health isle of stores.According to Ion Cook (Chairman, president of Colgate, ), Colgate began in New York City early in the 19th century.

Nowadays, it is a truly global company serving. William Colgate starts a starch, soap and candle business on Dutch Street in New York City. First Colgate advertisement appears in a New York newspaper.

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Colgate establishes a starch /5(12). It consists of the ‘4ps’: product, price, promotion and place” (Marcousé and Surridge et al., ). Firms can build an effective marketing strategy by using the marketing mix as a tool, and it is possible that business will fail if the marketing mix is not.

Search on y!, Goggle, and msn to find more articles on Colgate. Also try to meet a person from the colagte company to get more information.

Colgate Palmolive Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Ask better questions to get better answers. The Marketing mix of Colgate proves why this brand has been the leader in the oral hygiene segment for past few decades even with competitors like HUL & P&ultimedescente.come has become a household name that helps in fighting germs and bad breath in order to continue a thorough oral care.

Colgate Palmolive marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies of the brand. Colgate Palmolive Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy | MBA Marketing Mix of Colgate Palmolive analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Colgate 4ps
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