Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour in shools

Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour in shools you divide your responses into ones which you feel were appropriate and effective and those you feel were less so? This effectiveness policy is monitored by the governing body safeguarding committee. Moving forward If you are unsure of the range of strategies you might adopt would you find it helpful to work with a behaviour professional from the local behaviour and educational support team BEST in order to raise your knowledge about what might work?

In such situations there are a series of procedures, with possible consequences, which are followed. These classroom and school rules are discussed, negotiated, shared and agreed annually through circle times, Class and School Councils and whole school assemblies.

However, having sanctions available and using them appropriately and effectively are two different things. If the inappropriate behaviour continues, appropriate sanctions will be imposed. In extreme or persistent cases a temporary exclusion may be considered by the Headteacher.

Behaviour Policy

We aim for children to develop socially, personally, academically and emotionally within a supportive school environment and take responsibility for their actions as they gain independence.

Apply to behaviour and the care and use of equipment; Talking and Communication Rules. Promoting positive behaviour We have a number of measures in place to promote good behaviour and positive relationships, and thereby prevent unacceptable behaviour in our school. Introduction We believe that good behaviour and discipline within the school and nursery are essential if children are to learn and teachers teach effectively.

What did you do: Every child has the right: Playground sanctions Verbal warning 5 minutes time out by the wall Sent to staff room to wait outside for a member of the Leadership Team and loss of playground privileges min one day — max one week Headteacher may be informed and parents may be contacted for persistent inappropriate play.

The Mousehold Infant and Nursery School policy on bullying forms one part of the Behaviour Policy but is provided separately on the Documents page for ease of use. Children are awarded dojo points for engagement, behaviour and progress in lessons.

When we all work together, children, staff, parents and governors, our Behaviour Policy is most effective. Children who gain the awards are expected to act as role models for behaviour, work ethic and citizenship.


The class charter will be on display in each classroom and is reviewed each year. On completion, these are sent to the Headteacher to record in the incidents log and, if appropriate, to enable her to follow up on actions required. Their behaviour, in discussion, will always be referred to in the context of the golden rules.

Behaviour Policy / Anti-Bullying Policy

Acknowledgement We owe a great deal in the development of our positive approach to behaviour to the work of Bill Rogers, an educational consultant and expert on positive behaviour. The adult dealing with the incident will discuss the incident with the child and the part they played in it.

We work with the children to develop good relationships, high expectations of behaviour, clear procedures, and encouraging and expecting children to be responsible for their own actions and behaviour. We have developed the following points into a school Code of Conduct: Anyone observing or experiencing bullying, harassment or vandalism is encouraged to enlist the help of an adult in the school.

AIMS We believe that, for the happiness and achievement of every member of our school community, it is important to: We emphasise the golden rules in school and encourage children to follow them and the values they promote. These breaches of school rules can occur for a variety of reasons.

See DfE website for most up to date references. We aim for all staff to support our positive behaviour strategies and encourage respect throughout school by establishing good relationships with pupils and parents and working in partnership.

These rules are central to promoting positive behaviour in our school. Parents and carers accepting a place at Mousehold Infant and Nursery School are accepting our Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct, and the procedures we have agreed and adopted for responding to inappropriate behaviour.

We are proud of the positive atmosphere and behaviour at Mousehold first School and Nursery. If appropriate the Disciplinary Committee of the Governing Body will be notified. If deemed necessary, an individual behaviour programme may be set up for children or exclusion may be considered.

The certificate is presented in celebration assembly and a short speech made about why it was awarded.Avoidance or hiding conflict can be much more damaging in the workplace than facing it and dealing with it appropriately. You may even find that proverbial silver lining in a dark cloud.

Don’t React. Behaviour Policy / Anti-Bullying Policy Positive behaviour rewards and strategies Super student awards Other positive awards Inappropriate behaviour Unacceptable behaviour Strategies to reduce inappropriate behaviour These children undergo ‘Buddy’ training by a nominated member of staff that includes how to deal with conflict.

Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior. Provide clear and concise classroom expectations and consequences; Consistently enforce rules; Avoid the use of. How to Deal With Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom font size font size; Print; Email; Classroom management can be one of the most difficult and perplexing aspects of being a teacher.

Dealing with inappropriate behavior can be very challenging. Home Teachers Tips for Teaching How to Deal With Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom.

Processes and procedures for defining and dealing with inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour form part of the Behaviour Policy. Everyone in the School and Nursery Community Has a Responsibility to: Ensure the school/nursery is a.

behaviour-policy. Find Us On Google Maps. Attend An Open Day. If you would like to come and visit our school please contact the school office on to arrange a suitable time, during a typical school day. We will make sure that someone is available to show you around the school and answer any questions you may have.

You will be able.

Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour in shools
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