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True liberalization can only be achieved with the support of local-market governments; a support system that is gaining momentum in some regions and stalling in others. Examples include continuous climbs and descents, and inflight rerouting on long-haul flights to take into account shifting winds.

Sector-wide standards would significantly improve reporting around areas like carbon emissions Airline reports are hard to compare.

Can you tell us more about your views on alliances? Will we ever see true liberalization in aviation? They are not content to be talked at—but want to engage and have meaningful conversations with brands.

Emirates Engineering ensures that our aircraft are performing at their optimum level at all times. Airlines are taking notice and working to improve their corporate sustainability reporting.

Is airline corporate sustainability reporting taking off? Emirates is supportive of efforts around the world to improve the efficiency of air traffic management and to provide more flexibility on flight routes. Operations Saving fuel inflight begins with planning on the ground.

Environmental reports

Biofuel Emirates spends billions of US dollars on fuel each Emirates airline sustainability, so naturally we are monitoring the development of biofuel technology with great interest.

And our engine washing procedures keep internal engine components clean, maintaining fuel-efficient performance and prolonging the useful life of the engine. All of these measures help to save fuel and emissions, as well as to cut down on noise.

The underlying strategy of Emirates has been the same since day one. Underlying assumptions about how to define a passenger mile or kilometer differ too. Will airspace issues affect you at all? This item has been saved to your reading list. In that case, there needs to be a repositioning of the holding patterns for Dubai and consideration given to moving these holding patterns to be under the control of Dubai air traffic control.

Full details of our fuel efficiency, emissions and noise performance can be viewed in the Emirates Group Environmental Report. What role will social media play in your strategy to build the Emirates brand? The UAE has Open Sky agreements with many countries around the world and has always advocated the incredible benefit that these types of agreements bring to local economies.

There are many examples of cities in Europe, Asia and Australasia where we identified gaps in the markets and moved quickly to capitalize on the opportunities these gaps presented. In our plan to become a top global lifestyle brand, we will utilize social media to engage the Emirates brand with a wider audience and become relevant to them.

To expand we need new aircraft, something we have planned for, with aircraft on our order books. Airlines use different data units, with some reporting in miles and some in kilometers.

We concentrate on our own operations, connecting cities, continents, and people with the best service available. Will becoming a global lifestyle brand take focus away from airline operations?

We also need government-approved access to these markets, often the most challenging aspect of any new route launch. Working with bright, talented people who are not afraid to take calculated risks makes my job easy.

Recent evidence suggests the ability of the major alliances to act as the glue bonding together the multiple carriers within these alliances is weakening. We encourage all airlines to do the same. In fact, Continental has disappeared altogether. We firmly believe that competition is good for the industry and even better for the consumer.

The concept is well-founded and best practice in other areas of the world should set the standard for flexible use of airspace here in the UAE. Reliable, relevant data In our view, excellent corporate sustainability reporting is integrated, relevant and verified.

Emirates is very active in corporate responsibility. But the UAE cannot introduce all the required airspace changes by itself. Integrated reports will help stakeholders understand and compare risk and performance.

How Sustainable is Emirates’ Business Model?

That means better use of scarce resources, better compliance with increased regulations and more satisfied customers. How are airlines doing?4 | ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT Emirates is a global airline, operating the world’s largest fleets of Airbus A and Boeing aircraft from its hub in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emirate airline CSR Emirate Airline Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Emirates Airline Hello Tomorrow Founded in & started commenced operations on 25th Oct.

As an airline serving customers in 72 countries we strive to be a leader in global sustainability. One central pillar of our corporate responsibility initiatives is our environmental sustainability program, which focuses on fuel efficiency.

The Emirates Group Environmental Report builds upon our commitment to the continuous development of environmentally-responsible work practices and eco-efficient operations. The report presents environmental data and improvement initiatives from a range of Group activities, including airline.

Oct 01,  · This contribution takes a closer look behind one of the fastest growing airlines in the world: Emirates. Despite the success of Emirates so far, there is also a fair amount of skepticism with respect to the commercial viability and long-term sustainability of Emirates’ business model.

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Emirates airline sustainability
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