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Students are also motivated by the additional choices of the working alone or collaboratively and choosing the material either in visual or audio modes. The same academic surroundings may stimulate and motivate one student and stop another student from progressing. In order to make objective decisions about inclusion or deletion of content or practices, curriculum evaluation will be very necessary.

The process of learning can be hard to one student and easy for another one, so differentiated instruction keep the strong ones interested by providing harder tasks and keeps the weak students motivated in order to succeed academically and reach their own best.

To review a curriculum under implementation: Tomlinson emphasizes the importance of making every single student feel needed and respected in the class. Students are provided material at different levels and tasks have different level of difficulty.

If an advanced learner gets a sufficiently difficult assignment he will not get bored and will stay motivated. People even need different ring sizes and what about education? To find out the effectiveness of a curriculum: The aim of the differentiated instruction — is personal and academic growth and not sluggishness and degradation.

To develop a new curriculum: The theory of differentiated instruction implies that the students do not learn in the similar way and are not academically alike. It is essential to remove obsolete ideas and practices from curriculum and include current developments in the curriculum.

This process is undertaken in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an existing or an under construction curriculum so that improvements can be made in curriculum design. According to her words differentiated instruction is based on a set of educational beliefs including the notion that even if students are the same age that does not mean that they posses a similar readiness to learn, styles of learning, life circumstances, experiences and interests.

Differentiated instruction Essay

The tasks are also either creative or simply reflect the practical part of the chosen issue. Tomlinson was a pioneer in differentiated instruction as she recognized it as the reflection of the time when children from six to sixteen were studying together [3].

If we need to develop a new curriculum then it is very important that we evaluate an already existing curriculum and then change it to suit our requirement, as per the need of our system and organisation. The most important part of it is that the students are now truly challenged by the existing system.

Curriculum And Instruction

Some of the famous definitions are: The following are the main purposes of curriculum evaluation. Grades by themselves are not important any more.Teaching Essays - Curriculum Development Learning Styles - There are different learning styles that have developed with accompanying tests that helps individuals to understand their learning styles.

Browse Essays. Sign in Home Page; Essay on Curriculum and Instruction; Essay on Curriculum and Instruction Essay on Curriculum and Instruction. Words May 10th, 6 Pages.

Show More. Theories and Practices in Curriculum and Instruction Marno Anga Dr. Erlinda Navarro MA in Educational Management M-F am – pm. Custom Essay Writing Service. The educational evaluation of the tasks and purposes of differentiated instruction and its effect on students.

Essay Questions: without assistance but this is only possible if the teachers assist them by adjusting and being flexible both with the curriculum and the interests of the class. A Reflection on Curriculum Development, Instruction and Design; A Reflection on Curriculum Development, Instruction and Design.

Words 5 Pages. Show More. Designing curriculum, instruction, and assessments are steps teachers use to help them make sense of the concepts they teach and helps drive instruction. To review a curriculum under implementation: It is very important after implementation of a curriculum to get regular feedbacks on it.

If required amendments can be made to it for effective realisation of all the objectives related to it. The definition of curriculum transcends the conception of it as a mere document and ushers it into the realms of instruction itself.

Certain researchers consider the curriculum to be a dynamic instrument that is vital to the way students and educators interact with the materials of education “in a free-wheeling setting” (Weade,p.


Essays on curriculum and instruction
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