How to write ampersand in xslt template

HTML to Formatting Objects (FO) conversion guide

The character set, C2, of the character input stream is the current session character set. This provides the same type of recursive processing as the xsl: Recursive Processing Use the "xsl: The following stylesheet includes a substring function that expects you to pass it a string inString and the length of a substring to pull from that string lengthstarting at its first character.

Want us to send you useful XML tips like this every week? They are predefined by the processor. These are the steps: This method also involves using a complex nested structure, resulting in many layers of indents. Returns the document in the specified language. In this case, the character data is converted to the node data type.

If the node data type is character, then the character set, C1, is changed to C2.

Outputting HTML from an XSL style sheet

In so doing, we can temporarily hold a conditional value as a variable, and then change it to transformed content by designating the value at the time of execution. Failed to compile stylesheet.

When using XPath to make the designation, the attribute value template is used. Parsed data is made up of characters, some of which form character data and some of which form markup.

The method attribute can take one of three values: The actual function declaration in the sample stylesheet is in an xsl: Selection Processing Selection processing can either take the form of "xsl: A page break in that position causes problems for named anchors that look like this: Add an entity reference to your result tree.

It then tests the functions individually and combines them into a more complex expression to extract the third member of the list sequence: The output method Fortunately, the designers of XSLT anticipated this problem and added the output element.

The style sheet must take all of this into account, and make adjustments accordingly: This allows a conditional value to be represented by a variable name rather than a complex XPath, providing for notation clarity.

If the node data is not character data, it is first converted to character data. This element matches the last template. If an HTML anchor element has an href attribute, check to see if it begins with a hash mark. The style sheet has no rule to match text but there is another built-in template that copies the text in the resulting tree.

Content Query Web Part - Format body text

The processor continues to match rules with nodes until it has exhausted all the nodes in the original document. Here is the complete template: The first and only child of title is a text node.

To use the value, you have to remove the hash mark: The template rule in lines 14 and 15 is applied to the Volume element; however, the template rule is empty, so nothing is copied LIST This is a test.If you wanted to write your own functions within a stylesheet, there were ways to fake it with named templates, but faking it won't be necessary with XSLTwhich lets you write your own functions using XSLT syntax.

These functions return values that can be.

Beware of the ampersand when using XML

House XSL Formatter with the stylesheet which transforms the SimpleDoc document explained here into XSL-FO. How to Develop Stylesheet for XML to XSL-FO Transformation Preface | 1.

Converting XML to HTML using XSL

I'm relatively new to XSLT. I've come across an issue that I don't know how to get around. I have an pretty large XML document that I am trying to transform to into another smaller, refined XML. Oct 09,  · Replacing ampersand and single quote in XSLT [Answered] RSS.

XSLT Introduction

If you want to replace a single character with more than one character then you need to write a named template that does that, If you write an XSLT stylesheet and want to use double quotes in an attribute then.

To include special characters inside XML files you must use the numeric character reference instead of that character. The numeric character reference must be UTF-8 because the supported encoding for XML files is defined in the prolog as encoding="UTF-8" and should not be changed.

Hi, I am writing a paragraph in the XML node. e.g. The Description node spans to multiple lines and I want to add line breaks at appropriate places.

How to write ampersand in xslt template
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