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The business of this firm basically consists of selling their products and services through the numerous stores and its online business strategies. Since this sector is highly competitive, the threat of substitute products will be a constant competitive force for the company.

In order to fulfill its vision and mission, J. The company sells accessories, family apparel and footwear, beauty products, home furnishings, and fine and fashion jewelry in its department stores in America and Puerto Rico.

As this sector is highly concentrated with large and small competitive companies, successful department stores have long histories because they have discovered means of thriving in the stagnant industry.

The following is analysis…. While the survival of new entrants is highly unlikely because of various factors, the threat of new entrants is a competitive force for J. The success of the firms in this industry is affected by huge economies of scale, high concentration, and lower fixed to variable costs Bartholomew et.

As previously mentioned, this industry is highly competitive with numerous competitors that require companies to aggressively concentrate on merchandising to attract customers and capitalize efficiency in its entire supply chain.

Given that these five forces of competition have an impact on the formulation of J. The five forces of competition for J. Since its inception, this company has grown to become a major retailer that operates approximately 1, department stores by the beginning of This sector is mainly characterized with relatively lower bargaining power of buyers.

Threat of Substitute Products: Buyers switching costs can be regarded as low because businesses by department stores serve the same purpose. Since these companies are competing for the same customers, rivalry among existing customers is a huge force of competition. The overall business strategy of a company is greatly influenced by the bargaining power of consumers.

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The vision of J. Threat of New Entrants: The other primary stakeholders are its stockholders and investors who also play an integral role to J.

Mission, Vision, and Primary Stakeholders of J. The second primary stakeholders are its diversified supplier base that consists of both domestic and foreign suppliers as the firm is not highly dependent on any single supplier. The competitors within this industry compete for market share depending on brand image investments, economies of scale, and tight cost controls.Essay on Case Analysis 1: Sara Lee vs Dell vs Jcpenney Words | 8 Pages.

Case Analysis 1: Sara Lee vs Dell vs JCPenney With the advance of technology and the development of society, the competition in industry is increasing intense. Essay on Jc Penney Marketing Analysis JC Penney Case Study MBA March 28, Background JC Penney is one of only a handful of one hundred year old plus companies in the United States.

Founded in by James Cash Penney, the company has grown into a major retailer, with 1, stores and approximatelyemployees as of. Shop and Save at JCPenney.

At JCPenney, we're always helping you find amazing deals on all your favorite items. Shop with us and enjoy an unbeatable selection of jewelry, clothing, shoes and more!

View this essay on JC Penney J C Penney Company Inc Is. J C Penney Company Inc is a holding firm with the main operating subsidiary known as J C Corporation. Jcpenney Analysis Financial Analysis of Jc Penny A brief overview of the rebrand Financial Analysis of Jc Penny A brief overview of the rebrand History J.C.

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Penney Company, Inc has about 1, stores in all 50 states. Essay on internal and external analysis JC Penney J.C. Penney is a retail outlet that operates in many locations globally.

It deals with product lines such as clothing, footwear, beauty products, electronics, and jewelry.

Jc penney essay
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