Playtime is over

Unfortunately there are too many Phantoms and they soon defeat Mikey by wrapping him in bubble wrap and trapping him with a forklift - thus the Playtime is over drive off with the delivery trucks and all of the Helix Two games!

Playtime's over: It's back-to-school season

Mikey is freed and the Turtles jump in the Hovershell and take off after the Street Phantoms. As the two begin to leave, Mikey swears off video games forever. Suddenly, Jammerhead and his Street Phantom gang members appear and try to steal the games.

The others leap into the air just as Biggles and his officers arrive. Open as the others finally catch up with a very angry Mikey.

At the penthouse where everyone is back safe and sound, Master Splinter is upset that Cody has gotten so involved with the action and tells him that he must not participate in combat until he is fully trained. On the streets below, the stolen trucks are in the lead with Mikey right behind them, followed by the Hovershell and then by Biggles and his crew.

Donnie calls him and tells Cody that Mikey wants everyone to see him beat "Helix" though offers his help in the lab. Mike goes bonkers, tosses around the officers and then takes off in one of the police cruisers!

Jammerhead has an escape plan - as he reaches a barricade blocking traffic from falling into a large chasm in the road, the villain activates controls and a ramp forms in the middle of the roadblock. I even have you jerks to take the heat! Back on the road, the Street Phantoms spill barrels of oil onto the streets.

Cut to the Turtles as they manage to stop the stolen trucks by cutting them off. Mike spots the barricade and hits the brakes - but he begins to slide on the oil.

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Cody tries to get out of it by saying he has extra training, but Splinter says he could use some balance, so he reluctantly agrees to make the trip.

Cody tries to apologize for leaving her at the mall - but Starlee is actually impressed by his actions and interested in how he built Turtle X. Meanwhile, the delivery trucks arrive at the loading docks of the mall.

In Levellex Mall, the Turtles and their friends reach the mall and find a huge line in front of the store. After Mikey finally beats his game of Helix, he clicks the television to the morning news.


Cody regains control of his bot and the ships cloaking device is knocked out, revealing it to the police. Although visibly unhappy with this decree, he seems willing to listen.

Leo, Raph and Donnie call him crazy for being up so late, though Mikey counters this by revealing Cody is up too, working in the lab.

The game "Helix", as well as its sequel, appear to be based on the popular Xbox game Halo. As Cody leaves shocked, the other turtles compliment him, thinking he intentionally used Mikey to score a lunch date and a way to see Levellex without Serling.

I have the truck! The Turtles and Cody hop into the Hovershell and fly off to get Starlee. All looks clear, so the peacekeepers drive away.Summer ended early for the elementary school kids at Barkstall, Kenwood, Thomasboro and Danville Northeast, where classes are underway. For the rest of the region, break is over in a matter of days.

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It was released on Big Dada Recordings and was recorded in Bow, East London. The album was released on 4 Junethe same day as former protégée Dizzee Rascal's Maths + English, and reached 71 in the UK Album Chart. "Playtime's Over" is the fifth episode of the animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward, which originally aired on October 7, Contents[show] Characters Major Characters Donatello (Sam Regal) Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas) Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson) Raphael (John Original airdate: October 7,

Playtime is over
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