Proactivity vs reactivity essay

I will briefly summarize his main points as well as giving my own feedback and opinions in the following paragraphs. Strong Safety Cultures value the data derived from tracking lagging indicators as a baseline and know why they are important.

Independent Will — You have the freedom to choose your own unique response. In a workplace, one can easily see the difference between proactive and reactive employees. But how does this apply to your life right now?

For example, if a factory waits until third-party inspectors call attention to its poor equipment maintenance, problems that could have been easily fixed early on might now require extensive repairs. This Proactivity vs reactivity essay would be preoccupied with studying the currents, trying to predict where the ship will end up as a function of the currents.

If you think this is anything less than a feat, then think again. Also note how many others do the same, and how easy it is to be reactive. It is not internally motivated and is primarily a response to what is outside oneself.

This type of behaviour is proactive. Only our judgements of those events make them good or bad, and we are free to choose. Avoid diseases that hit as you get older. Unlike a reactive leader who responds to situations as and when events take place, a proactive leader is one who anticipates what is going to happen and works accordingly to minimize the effect of the event or to work to take advantage of the event.

The difference is all the more glaring if you have a proactive leader in one department and a reactive leader in another department of the same organization.

Reactive people, on the other hand, usually are the ones to react to a situation rather than take initiative to create a situation. Instead of shifting the blame elsewhere, you can begin to carry the responsibility.

While they represent unfortunate circumstances, they do factor into continuous improvement. How can you exercise your proactivity and your human endowments to direct the course of your life regardless of the currentsso that you intentionally create the kind of life you want instead of just drifting along?

For example, say you just met someone new: So if you have been postponing organizing your desk, just take one paper and put in its right place. During your review of the data the organization is tracking, do a simple tally for the total number of leading indicators and lagging indicators being tracked.

Rather than wait for circumstances to dictate their actions, they change long before risks materialize. Eventually, the external stimuli will influence their performance. Or, you can go even smaller. In particular, if people let conditions take control over them in making decision, they will become reactive.

They often resemble powerless victims, having their lives run by external factors.

Proactive vs. Reactive Indicators

The currents can only control the time of arrival and the exact path from starting point to final destination. They only at when there is the need to respond to something else.7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Proactivity. 4 Pages Words February Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!

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Difference Between Reactive and Proactive

softball by. Difference Between Reactive and Proactive. May 16, Posted by Nedha. Reactive vs Proactive.

Reactive vs. proactive development

Proactivity vs. Reactivity. August 31, by Jerome in TWD Blog Proactivity is so much more preferable than reactivity. It can be the differential in your life that propels you to being the person and professional that you not only want to be, but deserve to be.

Take this quiz to see if you are a Proactive or a Reactive type of person. Remember answer the questions TRUTHFULLY! Take this quiz! When your friend talks about you behind your back you Your teacher screams at you for talking during class but it wasn't you, you You tend to say stuff like You accidently mess up your friend's favorite shirt.

Proactivity is, according to Stephen Covey, one of the most important characteristics of successful and personally effective people.

In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey sees proactivity as the foundation of all the other 6 Habits, and therefore has proactivity as Habit #1.

Proactivity vs reactivity essay
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