Shampoo marketing

The interactive storytelling on YouTube coupled with co-creating straight hair stories with bloggers has helped promote Sunsilk Perfect Straight on social media.

You can enter your name and upload a picture and choose from the various treatments available to get a virtual makeover! Actress Malaika Arora Khan introduces you to the Keratinology range and takes you around the virtual studio.

7 Creative Storytelling Campaigns To Promote Shampoos On Social Media

Here we share some creatively carved social media promotions for shampoos that promised to heal your damaged hair, straighten it with a wash or just prevent it from falling or ending in split ends, however, these qualities are just a part of the bigger story.

Commercial sources advertising, sales people and dealers Public sources mass media Experimental sources handling, examining Evaluation or alternatives— The stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumer uses information to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set.

Cultural factors- Sunsilk affected by cultural factors because people in different cultures like different products like in cities people like all quality products but mostly in rural areas people are not aware about quality products.

A key skill is to be able to interact with technical staff, increasing the value of a background in engineering or computing. Conferences for product marketing[ edit ] Several product marketing-specific conferences have emerged: Data thus obtained is validated using the triangulation method, where primary and secondary research along with Persistence Market Research analysis contribute to the final data.

At what price should the products be offered?


Simultaneously, a Facebook contest also invited crazy ideas for straight hair, without revealing the new product. As part of this initiative, consumers were encouraged to connect with their roots by taking the time out to thank and appreciate the people, things and places that have influenced them in their past.

Selling Shampoo

As a strong, modern woman, your daily activities display resounding strength. Personal source family, friend, neighbour etc.

Sunsilk has Shampoo marketing good relationship with government. However, this leads to a culture in which very few people are shampoo loyalists, instead changing brands every time they buy a new bottle. Women with short, tousled hairstyles think Meg Ryan are seen as the most confident and outgoing Women with long, straight, blond hair are perceived as the sexiest and most affluent Women with medium-length, natural-looking hairstyles are seen as the most intelligent and easy-going Men Men wearing short, tousled hairstyles come across as the most confident and sexy … but also the most self-centered Men with medium-length, side-parted hair are viewed as the most intelligent and Shampoo marketing Men with long hair are generally perceived as the least intelligent and most careless.

Once the studies have been completed, they work to interpret data, write reports, and make actionable recommendations on how to improve consumer interest and sales.

Sunsilk ran a blogging contest again where one could avail free samples, try the product and then blog their experiences. How will the products reach those customers i. The emphasis on staying rooted and connecting with the roots that have made you, is an innovative way to promote a hair fall repair shampoo.

Market Research Director As a market research director, the psychology of marketing falls under your jurisdiction. The engagement was extended by asking fans to upload anything that is orange in colour, so as to keep up with the colour of the new range.

According to Kline, both men and women "overwhelmingly find the long hair length significantly more attractive than the short and the medium hair length. Creative message pushing by getting fans to apologise to their hair and an emphasis on goodbye to damaged hair serves for a good brand recall.

Brand Loyalty Research Overseas Somewhere along the way, a myth began that shampoo stops working the longer you use it. In some cases the product manager creates both MRD and PRD, while product marketing does outbound tasks such as trade show product demonstrationsmarketing collateral hot-sheets, beat-sheetscheat sheetsdata sheets and white papers.

In the subsequent section of the report, information is given on the cost structure analysis and pricing analysis of the global shampoo market. Related Careers Packaging Specialist A packaging specialist works with the art direction team to make shampoo bottles stand out from others on the shelf through use of design and color.

PMMs answer these questions and execute on the strategy using the following tools and methods: First impressions and hair impressions. Some people tend to believe in a product launched by a big, famous and powerful company.

Characteristics affecting consumer behaviour Social class- Sunsilk is good in the market about to the social environment. Not many shampoos are marketed specifically to men.Selling Shampoo. Analysis > Selling Shampoo.

With a family of four of us, how many bottles, tubes and other containers of shampoo would you expect to find in the bathroom? Product marketing is a process of promoting and selling a product to a customer.

Product marketing

Also product marketing is defined as being the intermediary function between product development and increasing brand awareness. The above approaches indicate a promotion strategy that does not talk about the product benefits directly, but cleverly emphasizes on the main aspect of the shampoo or the hair care product, by weaving in stories around them.

Brands are not only getting creative but they are also letting their fans be creative in the process of co-creation. Your marketing material is a substantial expression of your brand and a crucial part of your marketing plan.

25 Shampoo Marketing Examples

With Vistaprint, you can create your own set of brochures, postcards, custom stickers, labels, and more, from your office and in minutes. Look as professional as you are with Vistaprint! Oct 13,  · Although the concept of shampoo marketing might seem like an obscure topic at first glance, the innovative ways that brands are going about it are simply too interesting to not highlight/ Product in the Marketing mix of Sunsilk.

Sunsilk includes a wide range of shampoos, styling products and conditioners under its product portfolio. Sunsilk was introduced in the market as a shampoo that needed just one application for successful hair washing and cleaning.

Shampoo marketing
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