Short essay on water pollution in english

Pollution Essay

Many of us are not well aware of the pollution even they do not know how they are creating problems to the environment and polluting it. Major rivers in India especially Ganga is highly associated with the Indian culture and heritage.

Discharging of wastes in the rivers causes water pollution by decreasing the self recycling capacity of the water so it should be banned by the government in all countries especially India in order to keep the river water clean and fresh.

Water Pollution Essay

Industrial and vehicle law relating to air pollution should be properly implemented. It becomes the reason of origin of many diseases like cancer, respiratory problems, lungs disorders, bronchitis, asthma and many more.

Pollution is the addition of any foreign or poisonous substances into the environment at very fast rate than the environment natural accommodation.

The rate of pollution in the cities is higher than the villages because of the vehicles transportation.

When we drink the polluted water, harmful chemicals and other pollutants goes inside our body and deteriorates all the body organs functioning and puts our lives in danger.

Environmental pollution is not the problem only one country however it is the issue of whole world, so it needs effort by all of us together to correct it.

It has reached to the critical point now. Environmental pollution is getting big by increasing level of pollution of water, air, sound and land. Waste products from many human activities are spoiling the whole water and decreasing the amount of oxygen available in the water.

Other main industries causing water pollution are sugar mills, distillery, glycerine, tin, paints, soap spinning, rayon, silk, yarn, etc which are discharging poisonous wastes.

Short Paragraph on Water Pollution

It requires a joint effort from everyone to get control over the pollution so that we can get a healthy and unpolluted environment. Water pollution is meant to be unsuitable for use. We need to bring vast improvements in the type of chemicals we use in the agriculture.

However, in our country full attention is not getting paid to control it. It maintains the ecological balance in the biosphere. Any living thing may survive without food for days however it is impossible to imagine life without water and oxygen.

However, it was much better that if we give it nothing but we give it pollution and contamination regularly. Insecticides that spray on trees and plants pollute lakes and canals. It carries with it pollutants and bacteria suspended in the air.

Environmental pollution affects the natural processes and living of human being. Currently we have been fatally surrounded by the major issue of environmental pollution. Most of the solid wastes, garbage and other unused things are thrown away by the people on the land which cause soil pollution and affect the crop production.

Increasing number of vehicles on the roads and increasing demands of the usage of the petrol and diesel increases the risk of air pollution as petrol and diesel spread heavy amount of poisonous gases in the environment such as carbon monoxide, sulphur-dioxide, hydrocarbons, and many more gases are polluting the air.Pollution refers to the release of chemical or substances into the environment that is injurious for human, animal and plant life.

The water, air and noise pollution in. Long and Short Essay on Water Pollution in English Water pollution is the main issue affecting human lives in many ways.

We all should know the causes, effects and preventive measures of the water pollution to make our lives better. A Short Essay Of Water Pollution. Water Pollution – Essay Air and water are two most essential ingredients necessary for the existence of life. Air is unlimited.

Short paragraph on Pollution

But there is limitation of fresh water, required for the human beings’, there is need to conserve water, by its judicious use and by protecting it from the water resources are depleting very fast. Pollution Essay 1 ( words) Pollution is the contamination of the natural environment which exists around us and helps in normal living.

Any type of pollution in our natural surroundings and ecosystem causes insecurity, health disorders and discomfort in normal living. May 30,  · Short essay on water pollution,where you find a lot of information about the importance of water and the causes of water pollution and how to protect water from pollution until life continues.

All of this will be found here in short essay on water pollution. Thermal pollution is the harmful release of heated liquid into a body of water or heat released into the air as a waste product of a business.

A common cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a coolant by power station s and industrial manufacturers.

Short essay on water pollution in english
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