Using torture on suspected terrorists

The report lays blame primarily on the defence department DoD and the CIAwhich required their healthcare staff to put aside any scruples in the interests of intelligence gathering and security practices that caused severe harm to detainees, from waterboarding to sleep deprivation and force-feeding.

CIA medical personnel were present when waterboarding was taking place, the taskforce says. Forty-two percent "somewhat" or "strongly" agree that such laws should be broadened.

If bombs seem too impersonal Using torture on suspected terrorists evil, picture your seven-year-old daughter being slowly asphyxiated in a warehouse just five minutes away, while the man in your custody holds the keys to her release. In modern warfare, "collateral damage"--the maiming and killing innocent noncombatants--is unavoidable.

Write to us in the Comments Section or share your views on our Facebook Page. Where it is not applicable, it is seems flagrantly immoral. These documents developed a legal basis for the use of torture by U. To demonstrate just how abstract the torments of the tortured can be made to seem, we need only imagine an ideal "torture pill"--a drug that would deliver both the instruments of torture and the instrument of their concealment.

Human Rights Watch has documented severe human rights abuses by the Border Patrol, "including unjustified killing, torture, and rape, and routine beatings, rough physical treatment, and racially motivated verbal abuse.

While the most realistic version of the ticking bomb case may not persuade everyone that torture is ethically acceptable, adding further embellishments seems to awaken the Grand Inquisitor in most of us. So we can now ask, if we are willing to act in a way that guarantees the misery and death of some considerable number of innocent children, why spare the rod with known terrorists?

State Department has described the following practices as torture: The page memo is heavily redacted, with 10 its 18 pages completely blacked out and only a few paragraphs legible on the others.

The DoD "continues to follow policies that undermine standards of professional conduct" for interrogation, hunger strikes, and reporting abuse.

Rather, it seems obvious that the misapplication of torture should be far less troubling to us than collateral damage: Torture need not even impose a significant risk of death or permanent injury on its victims; while the collaterally damaged are, almost by definition, crippled or killed.

Condoleezza RiceSecretary of State ultimately told the CIA the harsher interrogation tactics were acceptable, [69] [70] In Rice stated, "We never tortured anyone. Thirty-six percent of respondents, however, say that torture is "rarely" or "never" a justified interrogation method, with 21 percent saying "rarely" and 15 percent saying "never.

Torture and extraordinary rendition[ edit ] Further information: Given the damage we were willing to cause to the bodies and minds of innocent children in Afghanistan and Iraq, our disavowal of torture in the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed seems perverse.

In Defense of Torture

The action of the pill would be to produce transitory paralysis and transitory misery of a kind that no human being would willingly submit to a second time. What was the chance that the dropping of bomb number on Kandahar would effect the demise of Al Qaeda?

The protesters wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods, were arrested, and charged with "failure to obey a lawful order" when they refused to leave the White House sidewalk. Bush administration, the CIA regularly used waterboarding and other forms of torture to interrogate suspected terrorists.

Which way should the balance swing?

Torture and the United States

Ratification[ edit ] The U.Dec 10,  · Suspected extremist Gul Rahman was shackled to a wall and forced to rest on a bare concrete floor in only a sweatshirt. He was found dead the next day.

A CIA autopsy found he died of hypothermia. Around the world, public opinion is divided about whether government-sponsored torture can ever be justified as part of efforts to prevent terrorist attacks, according to a spring Pew Research Center survey of 38 nations.A median of 45% across the countries polled said they did not believe use of torture by their governments against suspected.

Must our military abide by the Geneva Conventions when interrogating Islamic terrorists? It disturbs me that some of those who object. Getting to the Whole Truth About America’s Torture of Suspected Terrorists. Kristie Macrakis in the wake of 9/11/ lead to an interrogation program using torture that would have been.

we should not use torture on suspected terrorists Torture, as a simple definition, is the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as punishment or in order to force them to do or say something. In Defense of Torture. By Sam to be opening up here suggests that those who are willing to drop bombs might want to abduct the nearest and dearest of suspected terrorists--their wives.

Using torture on suspected terrorists
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